Eugene Wang

Founder and Director
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Professor of Asian Art, Harvard University

Chenchen Lu

Associate Director of Art

Academic Committee

Leonard Van Der Kuijp

Professor of Tibetan and Himalayan Studies, Harvard University

Shao Xuecheng

CAMLab Visiting Scholar, Harvard University

Chai Yee Leow

CAMLab Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Alexandra Vanleene

Scholar of the Buddhist Art and Archaeology of Gandhāra

Operation Manager function of the French Archaeological Mission in Bāmiyān,2005-2012

M. Nasim Khan

Prof. Meritorious; Dr. (TI, BUTA)
Editor of Gandharan Studies

CAMLab Team

Ariel Hou

Project Manager

Sébastien Labrunie

Digital Reconstruction | Immersive Art

Biru Cao

Research | Digital Reconstruction

Danlei Huang

Digital Reconstruction | Digital Fabrication | Research

Curry Sicong Tian

Film | 3D Motion Graphic

Xi Wang

Film | 3D Motion Graphic

Sophie Lei

Research | Mapping

Xi Yi

GIS Mapping

Shuyang Yu

Website Designer

Shariq M. Shah

Digital Reconstruction Research Assistant

Huirong Ye

Project and Research Assistant

Vikhyat Kethamukkala

Undergraduate Researcher

Yihan Wang

Digital Reconstruction Research Assistant

Gandhara Frontline Team

Maaz Ali khan

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Muhammad Usman Mardanv

Peshawar, Pakistan

Special Thanks

Bamiyan University

French Archaeological Delegation in Afghanistan

National Museum of Afghanistan

Peshawar Museum

Lahore Museum